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about us

The Marin Headlands have been a source of smiles and wonder since moving to the Bay Area and every time I’m there it feels like the first. The weather is constantly changing between gorgeous chaos to pure blue skies of beauty. I run into friends they run into me and it becomes a small world the further and further you get from the bridge.

The more you go the stronger you get. The stronger you get the further you explore. I constantly feel like the Headlands have limitless exploration.

The Shredlands project is the epitome of an outdoor paradise right in the backyard of San Francisco, California. This newsletter is the culmination of constantly stoking people out on all of the radness that occurs over there. But now you can get a concise burrito of information on some of my favorite places as well as open your eyes to places you still need to explore yourself. This project is as much as it is for you as is it for me. I would love to hear and share your stories as well. If you’re interested in contributing, reach out.

All the best and more,