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Big Swinging Cycles is a rad local bike shop in North Beach that specializes in gravel and mtb. They just built a trailside lodge and demo shop in Fairfax, called the Lodge. Open from Tuesday to Sunday's they have craft beer, wine, sandwiches, salads, snacks, and breakfast! May 11th, 9am - 3pm the Lodge is having a Yeti Cycles Factory Demo Day. They'll have the full line of Super Bikes available to demo. Location

May 9th - Bike to Work Day SF
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📆 Rad upcoming events to note

📍Grizzly Peak Century
May 5th • East Bay, California

This is a pretty rad local event with about a 1000 people rolling around the Berkeley Hills all day. Definitely not a race and you never really know where you are amongst everyone because there are multiple starting spots. The full century is pretty brutal but a great way to check out some new parts of town - they have plenty of stops along the way with a pretty epic assortment of snacks and real food.

Full century (~102mi, ~8000ft) • Metric century (~76mi and 6000ft)  •  Half (52mi, and 4200ft)
Bike Rec: road
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📍Kings Ridge Dirt Supreme - Grasshopper 
May 11th • Guernville, California

Classic Grasshopper style event with a shitload of road and little actual dirt. This is definitely more of a race though the pack spread out pretty quick on the climb up to Occidental and if you’re like me, you’re on your own pretty quick and for the rest of the day. Just a few rest stops so I recommend bringing your own favorite food items. Some seriously steep climbs up along the coast so don’t burn all your matches at the beginning.

Option #1 (~80mi, ~8100ft) • Option #2 (~62mi and 6700ft)
Bike Rec: road/gravel
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📍Lost and Found
June 1st • Portola, California

Pretty stoked for this one as it’s new on my radar. Huge routes through some classic High Sierra terrain. Going for the 106 so we’ll see what happens. If it’s anything like Grinduro then all will be swell (damn good food options). Also sold out but you may be able to grab a transfer on Craigslist.

Longest (~106mi, ~8100ft) • Longer (~67mi and 5200ft)  •  Long (~35mi, and 3650ft)
Bike Rec: gravel bike
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Sept 28th • Quincy, California

This is the raddest event in all the land. Picture a music festival but for bikes. The rest stops are absolutely insane. You won’t want to leave them. You end at a river party. What else needs to be said. Also it’s sold out :) I found a transfer ticket on Craigslist last year about a week prior.

Courses: Grinduro (~60mi Miles and ~7500ft) • Grindurito (~30mi and ~4000ft)
Bike Rec: gravel bike
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📍Downieville Classic
August 1-4 • Downieville, California

Haven’t done this one yet but everyone raves about it. If you dig a shitload of downhill on some of the best Sierra choss then definitely go. Huge party on the Yuba and a stellar way to understand the area if you want to head there again.

Downhill (15mi, ↧5000ft)  •  Cross Country (26.5mi and 4500ft)
Bike Rec: Definitely mtn or you better be a stout gravel biker
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